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The MOMENT is a brain controlled dystopian sci-fi film following three interlinking stories. Directed by artist and researcher Richard Ramchurn, it uses brain data to effect the edit, sound mix and narrative. There are over 18 billion possible narrative combinations of the film. Each screening is unique.

Ticket prices: Free, £4, £8 or make a donation of your choice.

Musicians Scrubber Fox and Hallvarður Ásgeirsson  perform together live from Iceland and Manchester simultaneously.


Tour dates November 2020:

Thursday 12th  8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 14th   8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

Thursday 19th  8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 21th   8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

Thursday26th   8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 28th   8pm GMT -(3pm EST)

 December 2020:

Thursday 3rd    8pm, GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 5th     8pm, GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 5th     6pm EST

Thursday 10th  8pm, GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 12th   8pm, GMT -(3pm EST)

Saturday 12th   6pm EST


Live Score of The MOMENT

In The MOMENT Live Score the film is edited in real time via a brain computer interface of an audience member. The visual rhythms, sound mix and narrative combinations are inferred from their neural reaction.

The performance consists of two back to back screenings. Each unique version has musicians Hallvardur Asgeirsson and Scrubber Fox play an improvised live score. The events are hosted by creator Richard Ramchurn live from Nottingham and followed by a Q and A.

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