Academic Work

#Scanners: Exploring the Control of Adaptive Films using Brain-Computer Interaction

#Scanners 2 – The MOMENT: A New Brain-Controlled Movie

Contesting control: journeys through surrender, self-awareness and looseness of control in embodied interaction

  • Authors:Steve Benford, Richard Ramchurn, Joe Marshall, Max L Wilson, Matthew Pike, Sarah Martindale, Adrian Hazzard, Chris Greenhalgh, Maria Kallionpä, paul Tennant, Bendan Walker. Published 2020.

Designing Musical Soundtracks for Brain Controlled Interface (BCI) Systems

Two-way affect loops in multimedia experiences

Children in 2077: Designing Children’s Technologies in the Age of Transhumanism

Improvising a Live Score to an Interactive Brain-Controlled Film

  • Authors: Richard Ramchurn, Juan Martinez-Avila, Sarah Martindale, Alan Chamberlain, Max L Wilson, Steve Benford 2019

#Scanners: A BCI Enhanced Cinematic Experience

Brain-Controlled Cinema

  • Authors: Richard Ramchurn, Sarah Martindale, Max L. Wilson, Steve Benford, Alan Chamberlain 2019.

fNIRS and Neurocinematics

  • Authors: Richard Ramchurn, Horia Maior, Max L. Wilson, Sarah Martindale, Steve Benford, Ming Cai 2018

#Scanners: Integrating Physiology into Cinematic Experiences