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Published: Jan 9th, 2013

ScreenLab/MediaCityUK located at Salford University, is an internal artist residence initiative by     Elliot Woods and Kit Turner to explore modes of perception and interaction under the theme ‘Future of Broadcast’. For 10 days, internationally-renowned digital media artists Kyle McDonald, Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), and Joel Gethin Lewis (Hellicar and Lewis) were invited to the University of Salford to prototype works which explore new modes of perception and interaction at the arts-technology crossover.

Using the incredible space that is the ‘Octave’, which consists of 14 projectors with a combination of projection mapping techniques, motion capture and wave field synthesis technologies, the installation creates an absorbing, immersive, single-person audiovisual experience. French visual artist Joanie Lemercier and Brooklyn based media artist Kyle McDonald are the first artists to be invited to create work using the Octave, virtual reality suite to create their exhibition entitled Aether.

Interactive artist and designer, Joel Gethin Lewis worked with photographer Richard Meftah to explore low light photography techniques. Gateway/Portal presents cinematic and emotive portraits coupled with an interactive high resolution screen installation that simulates a light beam controlled interactively by the viewers movements.

AlbinoMosquito have been ever present throughout the creative process capturing visuals and working with the artists to showcase their cutting edge technology and ideas. It has been a perfect collaboration between AlbinoMosquito and the artists involved as both share a passion for innovation and creativity in their respective fields. A film documenting the process and showing how the work evolved, along with info on the artists themselves will be put up on the Creative Applications Network.

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